CANCELLED! – The end of Bit Seizure

Well, this is it folks! With Rob’s baby due any day now, the end of our little series has come. We lasted 3 seasons, advanced our technology, played some terrible games and got more ambitious with our videos along the way.

We made sure we never made any money from advertising or donations.

Because that’s not what Bit Seizure was about.

It was about having fun, being creative with mates, occasionally educating along the way, but mostly just trying to give everyone a laugh.

We’d like to thank our anyone who ever helped with, watched, or even glanced sideways at our videos.

Cause that’s why they’re there.

Who knows! One day, we might revive the series, or hey, even do a few one off videos or a reunion special. Until then, keep watching the videos! Despite the fact Bit Seizure is now finished, I’ll leave up and running or anyone who might stumble upon one day.

So for one last time:

I’m AC, thank you for watching Bit Seizure.

Thank you so much!

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