Welcome to 2014! – AC

We got Biiiig plans for 2014. That may turn out to be a lie though…

What isn’t a lie is that I just spent the last month over in Japan collecting as much retro gaming gear I could fit into my suitcase! Suitcases! And a big box! Ok, 2 big boxes…

So big, they’re being shipped to Australia via seamail.

We decided that we’ll call 2013 episodes of AC and Rob Give-it-a-Go ‘Season 1’. So Season 2 should offer a wider variety of games, plus proper in-front-of-camera introductions for each episode!

That just probably means Rob is going to hit AC more…

Over in Japan I managed to get my hands on quite a few retro gaming items, here is a list of some of the junk I bought back:

  • 2 Famicom HVC-101 consoles
  • 40+ Famicom games
  • 1 Super Famicom (Seamail)
  • 30+ Super Famicom games
  • Famicom BASIC Keyboard and Tape player/recorder (Seamail)
  • Famicom Disk System (not working) (Seamail)
  • Famicom Power Glove (in box)
  • Neo Geo Pocket Colour + 4 games
  • Wonder Swan + 5 games
  • 3DO Console (Type F-10) + 2 games (Seamail)
  • Virtual Boy + 4 games (Seamail)
  • Dreamcast + 20 games (Seamail)

I also got lots of little odds and ends such as Game Boy games, extra controllers and even an expansion pack for a Nintendo 64. Will it work in the PAL system? I’m yet to try it.

I’ll probably have to wait until the end of February until I get the seamail boxes (I hope they make it!). But until then, we’ve still got lots to have fun with!

2014 should be another good year! And don’t forget, if you want to suggest something, hit us up on Twitter:

 AC – @ProdTally

Rob – @Reborted

So far we have 2 suggestions for 2014: Ninja Gaiden and Karnov, (both of which I have for the Famicom), so Rob and I will be giving them a go this year!

Here’s to 2014!

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