About BitSeizure

Bit Seizure is a retro gaming group. We play old games for your viewing pleasure.

In our Give it a Go videos, we play a game we’re not so familiar with with live, and not particularly serious commentary.

In our Play to Win videos we actively try to complete the game (though we’re not always successful) with live, and once again not ver serious commentary.

Oh, and we also make more general videos about glitches, play-throughs and anything that make our retro gaming hearts tick!

FAQ/SAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)/(Seldom Asked Questions)

Question: Can I request a game for you guys to play?

Answer: So long as it’s retro and we’ve got (or can get) a copy, you sure can! Just ask us in the YouTube comments section, on the website, email us 8bitseizure@gmail.com or Twitter:

AC – @ProdTally

Rob – @Reborted

Question: Who the hell are you guys?

Answer: Rob and AC both reside in Canberra, Australia. They went to the same Primary (elementary) School and University. And possibly some other schools in-between too. Both have writing, media and some theatre sports experience. Although that could also be a dream. Or a lie. We can’t remember.

Rob – He is the core gamer who keeps up-to-date on all the latest in the modern gaming world. Although he likes retro games, it’s usually AC who drags him into the videos.

Rob would probably play Sperlunky 24 hours a day if he wasn’t so weak willed, needing to do things like eat and sleep.

AC – He is the retro gamer, mainly because he sucks at modern games. He started his collection with a single SNES after returning from 7 years in Japan in 2010. He had retro consoles there too, but was forced to sell them.

AC would play Super Mario World 24 a day if he hadn’t already finished it so many damn times…He owns most of the popular retro consoles (and some unpopular ones), the games, which are meant to be kept in one corner, are starting to bleed all over the house.

Ben – He is the actual media professional who will occasionally help those numbskulls AC and Rob out. If you ever see anything cool on Bit Seizure, chances are Ben did it. He’s responsible for the animated intro sequence.

Silent Benefactor – Little is known about this mysterious character, she will translate Japanese when AC is too slow at reading.

Question: Is it possible to use a Japanese Nintendo 64 Memory Expansion Pak in an Australian PAL Nintendo 64?

Answer: Yes it is. In fact if you can get a cheaper Expansion Pak, it’s really the best option, Australian prices are ludicrous.

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